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Cultivate – Our Operations Development Program

Interested in leading people in the operations space? The manufacturing development program, known as Cultivate, offers three tracks: Milling, Operations, and Quality. Over the course of 12-15 months, our Cultivate Program will expose you to a variety of challenges and experiences as you prepare for success in leadership roles at one of our manufacturing facilities. 

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Over the course of fifteen months, you will gain insight into our business through hands-on learning while rotating through our Elevator, Mill, Loadout and Packaging, Quality, and Maintenance departments. You will gain industry knowledge and business acumen through weekly discussions, where you will network with leaders and learn about their areas of expertise. Throughout the program, you will get involved in a range of project work and potentially travel to other sites to broaden your experience. You will learn about relevant business topics and explore what it means to be an effective leader at Ardent Mills.

Upon program graduation, you will progress into a supervisor role at one of our 40+ locations where you will lead others. This will give you direct people management experience and can provide another great stepping stone in your long-term career.

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Intern Program

A summer internship with us offers a taste of the milling industry that provides you with skills, experiences and insights that last a lifetime. Over 8 to 12 weeks, you’ll have opportunities to learn about several/many areas of our business, network and collaborate with Ardent Mills leaders, get involved in challenging project work, and learn what it looks like to be a leader in the organization. If successful, full-time positions may be available, potentially in the Cultivate Program.

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The intern program kicks off with a virtual meet and greet with other interns and an overview of the summer. You will have an opportunity to connect with our CEO and receive clear details on the program expectations and experiences. You will also obtain basic knowledge about our business that you will be able to utilize throughout the summer.

You will then spend eight to twelve weeks in your chosen area, contributing to project initiatives, working closely with experienced team members, and gaining invaluable insight into life at Ardent Mills. As a site-based intern, you will be exposed to key areas of Milling, Operations and Food Safety and Quality (FSQ). As an office-based intern, you will gain experience in functional areas such as Finance, Supply Chain, IT or Risk.

At the end of the program, you will connect at our Headquarters in Denver, CO to share experiences with fellow interns and leadership and reflect on your time at Ardent Mills. Do well, and you may be offered a full-time position, potentially on our Leadership Development Program.

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Meet Our Current
Graduates & Interns

"This summer, I was blessed to be working at Port Redwing in Gibsonton, Fl. This place has shown me tremendous love and support in every aspect. I have fostered new relationships that will last a lifetime. This really has been an invigorating experience and I am truly blessed and thankful to have been a part of it."

Reginald Russell Jr.
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"I entered my internship with an open mind with the goal to learn and absorb as much information as I could. I could have never imagined how much I would grow as an individual. I strongly identify with Ardent Mills value of serving and saw the Wichita, KS team fully living this value during my time this summer. My team was very hands on helping me grow and learn this summer. Overall, I have felt so supported and I’m so glad that I was given this opportunity to work alongside such amazing and intelligent people this summer."

Kayla Henderson
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"The past two summers as an Intern with Ardent Mills have been amazing! Ardent Mills has given me the opportunity to see all the different aspects of the milling industry and has opened my mind to so many possibilities. While also providing me so many opportunities to see new places and meet new faces. The team members I have met along the way are like family. If I were to give anyone advice it would be to get out of your comfort zone and pick the location furthest away from home because it’s a great opportunity to grow and learn."

Peyton Huss
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Being a part of the DA program was fundamental to my development with Ardent. The way the program is structured allows us to rotate and engage with all the departments in the mill, as well as learn about the business as a whole and how everything ties together. We also had great opportunities to network with other DAs and leadership of different levels and areas across the network, all supported by a dedicated development team. The program allows you to focus first and foremost on your development as a future leader, which is a unique opportunity I'm grateful to have had. When the time came and I was offered a leadership position after the DA program, I was confident and prepared to take on that challenge with all the necessary tools and resources to be successful!

Nic Malnarcic
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