Mt. Pocono Mill
258 Harvest Lane
Pocono Summit, PA 18346

Number of Team Members:


What Pocono makes:

White Patent Flour.
Stoned Ground Fine Wheat.
And… we are the only Ultra Grain Mill on the East coast.

Pocono can produce up 2,190,000 lbs. of product each day for the baking industry.

Where does Pocono get its wheat?

Pocono grinds Hard Red Winter/spring wheats for patent flour and whole wheat and we grind a White Hard wheat for our Ultra Grain. We receive our wheat supply from many states in the Midwest including Kansas, Nebraska, South and North Dakota and Minnesota. Our Ultra Grain wheat is grown in Idaho and Montana.

Giving back:

Pocono is very active in the community participating and working with the local high schools, emergency responders, local charities and food banks in various roles and activities. We also sponsor several youth sports activities in the area trying to focus on supporting our employees.

A Day in the Life - Meet Frankie (Elevator Operator)

Hi Frankie! As an Elevator Operator, Frankie is one of the first people who handles wheat when it arrives to our mills. Frankie and his team inspects the wheat to make sure its in good condition, ready to be cleaned, milled and blended.


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