Our Functions

Our Operations function is the heart of our business, employing more than 2,000 team members in our 40 different mills, three mixing facilities and specialty bakery. Together, they are responsible for producing the industry’s broadest range of flours, mixes, blends and specialty products – and their work touches the lives of 100 million people every day. 

Our team works to find ways to make the milling process even more efficient, to keep plants running in the face of equipment failures, hurricanes and floods, making sure every team member gets home safe and produces a safe product. These are just some of the things our Operations team are responsible for. With their deep roots in communities across North America, they also help us strengthen our connections with the people we serve.

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Who We Look For?

We have many different kinds of people working in our Operations teams, from millers to plant managers, from teachers to team leaders, from quality specialists to experts in talent acquisition. Some of the key areas we recruit for include:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Engineering
  • Elevator Operations
  • Technical Milling team

Meet Our
Team Members

“I love that Ardent Mills invests resources and time into me and provides me with tools to keep the Colton warehouse running smoothly.”

Alicia Luarks - Production Manager
Boys and Girls Club

See how the Decatur mill team supports the Boys and Girls Club of North Central Alabama. We continually support the communities where we live and work by donating products, volunteering time and talent, and supporting local businesses.

“I enjoy having the opportunity to lead individuals from all walks of life that all have their own strengths and opportunities to grow. None of us can run a flour mill on our own, so it’s imperative that we build strong safety and team driven cultures at our facilities. I’ve worked for Ardent for 15+ years and almost every day provides a new challenge or learning opportunity. When I think about our customer base and realize how vital our operations are to the communities we serve, it gives me a sense of pride and ownership in being responsible for the continuity of our national food supply chain.”

Kellen Lyons - Plant Manager
Investing in Sustainability at Streetsville

Watch how our Streetsville facility and team members play an active role in helping the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fishery (MNRF) protect the Credit River and the spawning salmon every fall.

“Every day I get to make decisions on adjustments that need to be made on equipment.  I set priorities as to what will be worked on during a repair cycle.  I get to interact with people and encourage them.  I also get to solve problems with my team.”

Larry Stallbaumer - Senior Head Miller

“I think that people may be surprised at the amount of fun and laughs that we have together at the plant and with our peers across the other facilities. There is a lot of hard work that goes into running these plants, but we get in a few laughs, even on the tough days.”

Sean Gager - Regional Plant Manager I

“The Ardent Mills Promise stretches across the organization, you can feel it in every facility and on every roll stand floor. I've been in the flour milling industry for over 5 years and am still learning new things every day. You get out what you put in when it comes to this field.”

Rodney Young - Plant Manager I
Operations - Rodney Young.jpg
Pristine at Ardent Mills

We're committed to operating 24/7 pristine facilities by focusing on industry-leading food safety, sanitation and quality best practices.

“When I first joined Ardent Mills, I was new to food and flour production.  I wanted to learn everything I could, and the team was ready to teach. As a result, I have received more responsibility and ownership of my job”

Chris Rivas - Scheduler
Community Involvement at Decatur

Our mills and facilities are the heart and soul of our company. Each one has a personality of its own - a reflection of its people and community. We're proud of our team and are committed to giving back to the communities we call home.

Ardent Mills Arlington Blending Facility

Welcome to our Arlington Blending facility, a facility specializing in elevating multiple applications with texture and flavor through unique custom grain & seeds blends. Our state-of-the-art blending facility is located in Arlington, Oregon, and is organic certified, kosher certified and BRC approved.

A Day in the Life - Meet Frankie (Elevator Operator)

Hi Frankie! As an Elevator Operator, Frankie is one of the first people who handles wheat when it arrives to our mills. Frankie and his team inspects the wheat to make sure its in good condition, ready to be cleaned, milled and blended.

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