Our Functions

The Marketing Team’s role at Ardent Mills is to be the driver of positive change, nurturing our customers, consumers and communities through innovative and nutritious grain and pulse-based foods. We do this by positioning and growing the Ardent Mills brand and being the indispensable partner for customers and communities. We cultivate a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and trends, driving industry-leading innovation, and demonstrating a financial contribution through powerful marketing campaigns backed by performance measurements. Simply put, we focus on Engagements, Experience and Exchanges:

Engagements enhance the meaning of the Ardent Mills brand and customers relationship with it. Experiences improve the customer journey and our product offerings. Exchange ensures that Ardent Mills’ offerings match customers’ needs.

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How We Work

Ardent Mills Marketing closely collaborates with all of our internal business functions to execute our business strategies. Whether it’s new product development with our chefs and product development team or a volume grow campaign with our sales team, we are at the forefront with our business partners.

Our marketing team members are spread across our headquarter locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. We are also proud owners of the Ardent Mills Mobile Innovation Center, the MIC, which enables us to literally drive our brand to the customers’ doorstep and show them what we have to offer first hand. Join the team where work is also a happy place.


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