Our Vision

Ardent Mills is the trusted partner in nurturing our customers, consumers and communities through innovative and nutritious grain-based solutions.

Our Mission

Enhancing the quality of life and standard of health.

Our Values

Our core values help us bring our vision to life every day, enabling us to make a positive impact on our customers, communities, team members and partners.


Working to earn TRUST every day, always operating with reliability and integrity.


SERVING others with understanding, trust and care.

Wheat Grain

Operating with SIMPLICITY, clarity and transparency; removing barriers and letting people do what they do best.

Safety Training

Ensuring the SAFETY of our products and people; doing what’s best to create the safest environment now and for the future.

These principles shape how leaders lead at Ardent Mills and help ensure we all work towards achieving our vision in the right way.

Live Our Values

“My proudest Living Our Values moments involve working cross functionally within our business and with our customers to ensure high-performing, functional flour. This is even in the face of obstacles such as crop quality concerns, an ever-changing marketplace or customer needs that are always evolving. I am also very proud to work with a very high-performing group of people that live out Ardent Mills’ values on a daily basis.”

Patrick Deppa - Canada Wheat Leader
Others Focused vs. Self Focused

"In my job, it is very important to be Others Focused vs Self Focused. I like knowing that I can play a small part in helping someone with something in their day that will affect the bigger picture. Knowing that I can be depended on is very important to me and always makes me want to try harder and do better.”

Tiffany Mahmood - HR Coordinator
Clear the Noise

“A new driver to the mill drove onto the scale and paused to ask me about the correct process to follow, which I explained to him step-by-step. The driver of the truck behind him was upset because he had to wait longer than usual. I then explained to him that the driver being new, stood on the scale a couple of minutes more since he was learning our process.”

Dennis Belmonte - Elevator Operator
Relentlessly Curious

“It's as easy as doing my job and asking myself if what I am doing is the simplest, most effective way of doing things. Then thinking about how my co-workers will be affected by my work and whether or not I am setting them up for success.”

Jeff McClelland - Flour Miller
Win - The Right Way

“I think that the leadership principle that I strive to most is "Win the Right Way". We look at almost all decisions here at the Albany facility with the same 3 filters- 1st is Safety- 2nd is Food Safety- 3rd is ELEMEDS (Every Load, Every Mill, Every Day, Safely). We will "Win the right Way" if we use this thought process consistently.”

Sean Gager - Plant Manager


Joining Ardent Mills means making a commitment to yourself and to the other members of our team. We call this Our Promise.

All of us share responsibility for the success of Ardent Mills. We work closely together in teams and across functions. Nobody is left isolated or unsupported. Everyone matters. Everyone has a voice. This gives each of us the opportunity to create something special every day. And, when we come together, that’s when truly amazing things happen.

Together, we make our customers' success the focus of our business.

Together, we make the innovative breakthroughs that shape our industry.

Together, we make communities healthier and more prosperous.

Together, we are raising the bar for a more sustainable world.

Together, we make the food that nourishes North America.

Together, we can make our ambitions a reality.


Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At Ardent Mills, we want our team members to feel comfortable being themselves, and to be heard and valued for being uniquely them. We ardently believe that diverse backgrounds lead to diverse viewpoints which make us stronger; and allow us to better serve one another, our customers and our communities. These viewpoints have formed the foundation for our diversity and inclusion platform at Ardent Mills.

We have employee resource groups (ERG’s) dedicated to providing a supportive, collaborative space for team members to come together to promote inclusion, strengthen our community, and network with others. These groups serve as an extension of our diversity & inclusion efforts. Learn more about them below:

WOW (1).png
[ + ]
[ – ]

Women of Wheat (WOW) seeks to foster an equitable and inclusive environment through education, networking, and career development that supports the growth and success of female-identifying team members at Ardent Mills.

WIT (1).png
[ + ]
[ – ]

Women in Tech (WiT) supports women in technology and beyond at every stage of their career through connection, inspiration, shared experiences and development opportunities. WiT provides the opportunity to learn and grow from peers in an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration.

BEAM (1).png
[ + ]
[ – ]

Black Excellence at Ardent Mills (BEAM) works to improve the community within the Ardent Mills family by recruiting diverse team members, providing support and resources to ensure professional growth, and creating an environment that embraces and celebrates the culture of black-identifying team members.

Spectrum (1).png
[ + ]
[ – ]

Spectrum fosters a community where all are welcome – including LGBTQ+ team members, their allies, and beyond. This group promotes equality, inclusivity, and diversity, and provides an outlet for team members to feel safe, heard and embraced.

Empowering Others through Leadership

“I got involved with Women of Wheat (WOW) to promote a cause I’m passionate about and grow within a leadership role. WOW focuses on inclusion, diversity and equity for female-identifying team members through education, networking and career development. By being a leader in WOW, I’ve connected with team members across the network and grown both personally and professionally.”

Angie Anyieni - Analytical Laboratory Manager and WOW Leadership Member






Let's meet some of the team members and the careers that at the heart of Ardent Mills!

A Day in the Life at Ardent Mills

Have you ever wondered what it takes to feed over 100 million people, every day? It takes great team and a range of roles across North America.

Let's meet some of the team members and the careers that at the heart of Ardent Mills!

A Day in the Life - Meet Frankie (Elevator Operator)

Hi Frankie! As an Elevator Operator, Frankie is one of the first people who handles wheat when it arrives to our mills. Frankie and his team inspects the wheat to make sure its in good condition, ready to be cleaned, milled and blended.

A Day in the Life - Meet Ruben (Bulk Operator)

Meet Ruben - as a Bulk Operator, Ruben and the blending team make different flour options for our customers. This is a key step in producing some of Ardent Mills' flours that are used across North America.

A Day in the Life - Meet Kirk (Pack Operator)

Say hello to Kirk! As a Pack Operator, Kirk makes sure that our flour is ready to go out into the world through overall system operation, metal detection, and running our packing machines.

A Day in the Life - Meet Adrian (Warehouse Operator)

Meet Adrian - as a Warehouse Operator, he keeps our warehouse running smoothly and works closely with drivers to manage pickups before the flour goes out into the world to be baked into something delicious.


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